Port Forwarding on a Double NAT system

  • Hi guys. I'm current setting up a pfSense server on Proxmox VM, but I couldn't figure a way to open port to the internet.

    Overview my network structure

    ISP Modem
    • WAN IP: dynamic
    • LAN IP:
    Host Machine (Running Proxmox)

    As below
    0_1535274478325_Screenshot at 2018-08-26 16:07:18.png

    Guest Machine (PFSense)
    • WAN IP:
    • LAN IP:

    I want to open a port on my Host Machine (for example:
    At first I tried Port Forward both on ISP Modem and pfSense
    On pfSense, I create forward rule from WAN:10000 ->
    0_1535274988970_Screenshot at 2018-08-26 16:15:27.png
    On ISP Model, I create forward rule from WAN:10000 -> (I also tried to set as DMZ IP)

    I used to solve a Double NAT problem like this before on TP Link router. But it didn't work on this case.

    After googling a while, some people said that I should just disable NAT on pfSense (because for some reason I cannot change my ISP Modem to bridge mode). So I go ahead a disable NAT by choosing "Disable Outbound NAT rule generation. (No Outbound NAT rules)" on NAT > Outbound tab.
    Then, tried to set Port Forward rule on ISP Modem with each rule below but no luck

    • WAN:10000 ->
    • WAN:10000 ->

    I did tried to debug by view States and Packet Capture then find: "10000" but I nothing was found

    I'm pretty new to networking so if I did something wrong please tell me, also, if you need more debug log/information please let me know.

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