Configure pfsense DNS to resolve to : domain server, and Steam Cache server

  • Hi All

    here is problem I have.I'm using unbound, pfblockerng. I do have internal domain server, internal domain is the same as external (split DNS).
    As addition I have Steam Cache server internaly.
    What I would like to achieve is, do properly domain resolving for LDAP queries, then if any host will request Steam downloads to resolve to Steam Cache server (there is also DNS serving only for this purpose). And of course resolve all internal hosts belonging to "internal" domain.
    When distributing DNS IP for Steam Cache via DHCP, I'm loosing LDAP queries. And internal domain is being resolved externally, due to using on Steam Cache server. When putting Steam Cache IP into general settings, seems not working (no queries comes to Steam Cache).
    I hope someone can chime in and share some lights how to get all this working properly.

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