Version 2.4.3_1 not available anymore causing XMLRPC Sync to fail.

  • I installed two weeks ago pfSense with the ISO: pfSense-CE-2.4.3-RELEASE-amd64.iso

    After the fresh installation I could do an update to:
    Current Base System: 2.4.3_1
    Latest Base System: 2.4.3_1
    Status: Up to date.
    2.4.3-RELEASE-p1 (amd64)
    built on Thu May 10 15:02:52 CDT 2018
    FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE-p10

    Today I instaleld my seconday pfSense node with the purpose of having a HA setup: CARP, State Sync. and Config Sync. with the same ISO.

    After the installation there was no update available:
    Current Base System: 2.4.3
    Latest Base System: 2.4.3
    Status: Up to date.
    2.4.3-RELEASE (amd64)
    built on Mon Mar 26 18:02:04 CDT 2018
    FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE

    As you can see the newly installed pfSense won't update to the same release on the one installed 2 weeks ago.

    I continued the installation anyway, but when doing the "Configuration Synchronization Settings (XMLRPC Sync)" the config wasn't copied over to my secondary node. When going through the System Logs I found the following:

    php-fpm 415 /rc.filter_synchronize: XMLRPC reload data success with (pfsense.host_firmware_version).
    php-fpm 415 /rc.filter_synchronize: XMLRPC versioncheck: 17.9 -- 18.0
    php-fpm 415 /rc.filter_synchronize: The other member is on a different configuration version of pfSense. Sync will not be done to prevent problems!

    I would like to continue my installation, but since the 1st system (the oldest installation, but with a newer version) is allready running in a live environment I cannot re-install this one.

    Is there a way to get the same update on the newly installed system, or to downgrade the other system (without losing my current config) to the same version, so I can get the config sync to work?

    Tnx in advance for any reply!

  • Do you sure have working internet access with your secondary node to perform the Update?
    Maybe just some issue with the Update server, i'd wait some hours and then try again.


  • It didn't occur to me that the internet connection could be the issue, since it says "retrieving information" and then give a green message "This system is on the latest version" so I assumed it had internet connection.
    And after searching in this forum for "2.4.3_1" I saw a lot of issues with it, so I assumed it was maybe withdrawn.
    (too much assumptions it seems 🙄 )

    But it seems you are right , I made a typo while assigning the Vlan to the WAN interface, so indeed it doesn't have an internet connection.

    I want to correct this now, changing the Vlan on the interface; if I want to do this via the console, it gives a message that all my Vlans will be cleared. (I have 12 interfaces with Vlans configured).
    Is there a way to change the Vlan Tag on 1 interface without clearing them all?

  • Hi, use the guitar.
    Interface -> assignment. Then click vlan. Here you can add a new with correct Id or change assignment.

  • When I try to change the Vlans I get a message:

    The following input errors were detected:
    •The VLAN tag cannot be changed while the interface is assigned.

    But in "Interfaces/ Interface Assignments" the WAN is the first interface , hence the only one that doesn't have a delete button.

    I cannot temporary assign another network port since they are all in use, and I cannot create a new one in the console because then I will clear all my Vlans config.

    ----while typing I thought of the workaround----

    -I deleted one of the other interfaces (OPT11)
    -assigned the network port of that interface to my WAN connection
    -Changed the Vlan of the WAN Network Port
    -Reassign the Network port with the correct Vlan to the interface
    -Recreate the deleted OPT11 interface and assign it's original network port.

    Not a clean way of working , but it did the trick.
    Now I'm updating the version and I'll get my config Sync working.

    Thank you thesurf & Rico for the very valuable help! 👌