Does deleting a Virtual IP cause the system to Reboot?

  • This just happened to me yesterday - I thought it meight just be a coincidence but it happened twice.

    Has anyone else experienced this?



  • Was it a CARP VIP?
    If so, you should have seen THE FIREWALL WILL REBOOT WHEN YOU APPLY CHANGES to the left of the 'Apply Changes' button.

  • Actually it does not warn you before you press the apply button - all it shows is:

    The VIP configuration has been changed.
    You must apply the changes in order for them to take effect.

    After the apply button is pressed it then shows:

    The firewall is now rebooting, please wait.

    We are on version 1.2

  • I checked 1.2 and you are right. It doesn't warn you. The warning is in 1.2.2 and I'm sure I saw it in older versions. There must have been some changes that removed the warning in 1.2 and it was fixed later. I'm so used to it, I never noticed I wasn't being warned in 1.2. Anyway, this is expected. Upgrade and you will be warned.

  • OK - that explains it!



  • Yeah it didn't appropriately warn before 1.2.1, it's supposed to do that. CARP interfaces can't be removed on a running system. You don't have to reboot right away, but the VIP won't be removed until you do.

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