• I bet this question has been asked and it may be a silly one but:

    Is there a usb wireless stick which is compatible with pfsence ?

    instead on me buying one you have to put inside the PCI slots.

    I never use wireless but I just got a tablet so I have to now lol

    but it would be so much easier to just stick a usb wireless stick in than trying to find the right card.


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    You are going to be way better off getting an AP or even a cheap wifi router and just use it as AP. You can find cheap wifi routers for like $20... Wifi support sucks in freebsd, and on top of that you want usb ;) Save yourself grief and aggravation and just get an AP...

  • I do apologize I did do some googling and found the exact answer you gave me.
    I will tell you why I wanted to do the USB thing.
    I just got a tablet Apple and I am sick of the ads already because using Pfsense on my PC and iMac hardwired I never have to put up with ads.
    I never use wireless but now I have to, I got a nice wireless Linksys router and I can put it on AP mode and use that but I still get the adverts because it's not going through Pfsense and Pfblocker.

    Is there a tutorial I can get or is there a way to put the wireless router directly through Pfsence so I get an ad blocking filters from Pfblocker?

    I would love to find out and if there is a way to do it, I have also put DD-WRT on the wireless router thinking it might have a Pfblocker type list but it does not.

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    If the wireless traffic is not going through pfSense how do you have it connected?

    You should connect the Linksys in AP mode to an interface on pfSense and then filter the traffic exactly like the wired connection.


  • I just have the wireless router in AP mode plugged into my switcher and works fine.
    I need to get hold of a good tutorial or way to get the configuration right so I know for sure it's going through the filters of Pfblocker and so on.
    For all I know it already is and everything is fine lol
    But I still see adverts on youtube on the Apple Tablet
    I had the idea of blocking adverts through the network so the tablet didn't get adverts.

    PS: this is the first Tablet I have ever had.

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    It depends how you're filtering traffic. And whether that system is setup to filter on the interface your AP is connected to.

    The tablet might be using a different DNS server for example if you're using pfBlocker.


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