IPsec connection 'partially' blocked

  • I'm working in a 'restricted' area of the world where OpenVPN has been blocked for a while, and other connections (L2TP etc) work intermittently.

    However, my IPsec connection to my personal server (behind another pfsense installation) has been stable, until today. All of sudden, any traffic (browser/mail) on the connection (which pings at the 'normal' rate) seems to be throttled to the point of not working. Strangely, a second P2 link to the same endpoint is still working.

    My Phase 1 setup is (Static IP to Static IP):
    Main AES256 SHA1 5(1536)

    My Phase 2 setup (both tunnels):
    AES256 SHA1 5(1536)

    So a connection from (local) > (remote) gets blocked, but
    a connection from (local) > (remote) passes unhindered.

    No changes to Firewall Rules or any other (pfsense) configuration changes for at least 7 days. Both use the same Phase 1, but only one P2 is working - both are listed 'up' on the pfsense dashboard.

    Replicated on three different devices & two browsers...

    The servers are still working, as I can connect via a backup OpenVPN connection to remote.

    Any suggestions for further investigation and/or a fix?

    Many thanks.

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