SG-4860 Died abruptly

  • Similar to another post this week about an SG-2440, my SG-4860 just stopped abruptly yesterday morning. Similar story on past performance, no issues. Now unit only displays a solid red light and NO access via console port. Put in a ticket (11208) and got a response form Bob G. he stated the warranty expired on or about the time my Girlfriend actually bought it for me (Xmas present 2016). I understand the warranty may indeed have lapsed but what are the issues with warranty grace with the Atom based units? What are the repair, replace, upgrade options? These things are a bit pricey to toss every year and a half.

  • Galactic Empire Netgate Administrator

    @ramosel Sorry you are experiencing these issues. It appears you have hit the same processor issue with both. When Bob posted your warranty info into the ticket, the conversation was not over. He was in the process of setting up the RMA for you. Please allow him to follow up with additional info. A support person may also jump in.

    Thanks for your patience.

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