Blank web pages, fail load

  • Blank web pages are displayed sometimes trying to load in Chrome. It happens at the same time for different users on the network. Is there a way to try fixing it from the router/firewall? Would a completely full storage have anything to do with it? It's a pfSense SG-2220

  • This forum is normally for specific Netgate hardware issues, not just a pfSense question when running on official hardware.

    Well, all we know about your installation is that you're using a 2220. You will have to provide a lot more info. For starters, which packages are you using, if any?

  • It has Squid Proxy and Squid Reverse Proxy. Version 2.4.3_1

  • I suspected as much. If you disable squid entirely, does the problem persist? Have you looked in squid's access.log and the general system log when this event happens? Is it always on a specific website, random or everything when it happens?

  • Is it possible to disable Squid Proxy without breaking the DNS server?

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    huh? Proxy has nothing to do with dns server..

  • I asked you three specific questions and you didn't bother to answer any of them.

    Sorry, there's not much else I can do for you. Good luck!

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