Latency Issue

  • We have been having issues with our network for the past while. I did some testing today and the issue seems to be related to pfSense. We have a 50MB fiber connection with two connections from the ISP's ETX to our two firewalls which are setup in HA. When our bandwidth starts to get above 20MB our latency starts to climb. At first we thought it was our ISP but I ran some tests today to make sure. I took the connection to the secondary firewall and split the connection using a switch, so now I have a direct connection to the primary firewall, a direct connection to a switch which then has the secondary and a laptop connected. So the laptop is by-passing the firewall. I then did a large download which took our bandwidth over 20MB. The firewall then showed an RTT time of over 100ms, my ping tool on my system behind the firewall showed even higher, the laptop by-passing the firewall did not show an increase at all. The only packages we are running are Avahi, iperf, and openvpn client export. We are using two C2758 firewalls with version 2.4.3-p1. The CPU, and memory all seem ok.

  • @gordc Is anyone else having this issue? Does anyone have any ideas why?

  • I'm afraid I won't be of too much use here, but it did occur to me to ask whether you really mean 50MB (as in 50 megabytes per second, or 400 megabits per second)? I'm assuming that's the case, because 50 megabits per second certainly shouldn't be stressing anything. Additionally, is the connection symmetric (50 upstream too)?

    Also I don't know whether this is really an option, but if possible I might suggest backing up your configuration and performing a fresh installation. Then you can see whether the problem exists even when you're starting from zero with no packages installed.

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