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  • How do we go about requesting changes / fixing typos, just downloaded the latest version and noticed there is a single occurance of FreeRADIUS2?

    IEEE 802.1X Authentication (WPA Enterprise)

    Another type of supported wireless security is known as IEEE 802.1X Authentication, or more commonly referred to as WPA Enterprise or WPA2 Enterprise. This mode allows using a more traditional username and password entry in order to gain access to the wireless network. The downside is that this authentication must be done via RADIUS servers. If an existing RADIUS server is already present or easily deployed, it may be a viable source of wireless access control. In this example, 802.1X is not used but the options are explained.
    See also:

    The FreeRADIUS2 pfSense package may be used for this purpose.

    Every other occurrence of FreeRADIUS just lists FreeRADIUS.

    Maybe I shouldn't be so OCD 😉

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    You can open an issue on Redmine under

    I went ahead and fixed that one though. It should show up shortly. Thanks!

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