How to set up l2tp/ipsec VPN?

  • Hi there.
    So i've been trying for weeks to set up a vpn. I've been following several different guides, but for some reason i just can't get it to work. It will not connect, either on my laptop or if i try setting it up on my phone.
    Example of guide used.

    I don't know why it's not working so i need help diagnosing the problem.

  • I noticed how the official guide says
    "Users have reported issues with Windows L2TP/IPsec clients behind NAT. If the clients will be behind NAT, Windows clients will most likely not function. Consider an IKEv2 implementation instead."

    Wouldn't that almost always be the case, aren't the vast majority of home networks running nat by default?
    But doesn't look like a better option, as the guide mentions that mobile clients needs to download a third part vpn app. And you need to transfer ca files between clients.

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