Pfsense 1.2.2 for 256MB CF Card (Where)

  • Hi,

    Someone know where I can download a img of pfsense 1.2.2 for 256MB CF card? I have been looking at the resize tool, but I don't think I will be able to do this as I only have Windows machines :-) The image I have downloaded is 27,2MB *.img.gz file, unpacked with winrar I have a 119MB *.img file. Does this mean the img is for 128MB? Is it the *.img.gz file or the *.img file I shold use with Physdiskwrite?

    Sorry for asking, but this is all new to me, and I realy would like to try out the pfsense. Hope someone can help me getting my hands on the right image for my 256MB CF card.

  • The standard (128MB) image is fine. You should be able to use the .img or the .img.gz file with physdiskwrite.
    A larger image won't help you with anything, but if you are bent on it, you could try one of the hacom images:

  • Thanx,

    I DL one of the images at this site, and installed it! Only problem I had was that I could'nt find what image to use. The one I DL seemd to be for PC, and I use a net48xx (former m0n0wall), and it wouldn't start by it self. Had to use Terminal after every reboot  ;D

    Well with your information in mind I DL the image for 128MB from pfsense, worked perfect. I did however have some problems with physdiskwrite and Vista (runed as admin). Moved over to a XP machine everything OK.

    So, thanx a lot!

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