1 client to use opendns.

  • i have rules for the whole network to use dns from the general menu nat and rule redirecting all dns to pfsense.. But I need 1 client 13yo computer to use opendns. i tried to do on local computer pfsense overrides the local computer. haha I guess I did lock it down (wink) I tried rules and alias with opendns ip's i also put before the pass rule. seems to still not work... any advise...

  • Just configure a DHCP reservation for that client (MAC address). Within the reservation (or static mapping) specify the openDNS server. The static mapping will trump the DHCP scope if values are populated.

    Services --> DHCP Server --> Select interface --> at bottom select Add+ under the heading "DHCP Static Mappings for this Interface" --> Then enter the clients MAC address, and specify the DNS settings which would only apply to that specific client.

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