Voip help rtp packets are dropped between wan and lan if

  • I was wondering if someone could nudge me in the correct direction with a problem I am having with voip.  Let me start by saying I have 2 sip trunks with different vendors that work fine.  The third vendor I am having a problem with one way audio.  With that vendor if I originate a call everything works fine.  If the call is originated by an outside person, that person can hear me but I cannot hear them.

    I did packet captures on both the wan and lan ports of the pfsense box.  It seems that the rtp packets from the call are arriving at the wan port but are not making it to the lan side.  Not being totally familiar with pfsense I have no idea where to look to see why these packets are being dropped.  The nat and FW rules all look good and as I said 2 other sip vendors are working fine,  Thanks for any help.

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