How to Install Snort

  • Hi,

    I recently got pfSense installed in virtual machine on my Vista host and was wondering how I would go about installing Snort in it. Any help and/or advice would be appreciated. Thanks

  • Does nobody use the search function any more?

    Assuming you've done a full install, install the package.

  • I would do that but the Package Manager cannot connect with As an alternative, would you know how to install it from the administrative console? Thanks for your help!

  • Then please also use the search function for other posts about that problem ;)

  • LOL. I have to admit that the search function doesn't work as well as the google function and even that sometimes is troublesome. The reason I state this is because I have recently had some trouble with snort and used the search to try and find information on snort not updating, snort stuck at initializing, snort stuck at downloading, snort stuck and came up with nothing relevant or even close to the current PfSense release version.

    It wasn't until I google'd did I find something relevant.

    Just FYI for those that maintain the board. The search function needs some adjustments. (This is constructive criticism, I am not trying to degrade anyone or their hard work put forth on such a great project)

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    Try looking in the Doc Wiki, too…

    Though your router not being able to contact pfSense for the package list is the real problem, not snort.

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