Spamd, NAT & Rules [Solved]

  • I've installed spamd. Do I need to install a NAT/Rule to forward traffic on WAN port 25 to the internal mailserver or does the spamd already do this for me by setting the nextMTA?

    I suppose I don't have to define any static routes to the mailserver nor specify the mail domain on the spamd it just picks up any port 25 traffic send towards the WAN port 25?

  • After some twiddling around it turns out very simpleĀ  :)

    1. Config spamd: fill in nextMTA
    2. Start spamd

    Don't make any NAT/Rules for port 25 traffic, Spamd will listen on WAN port 25 en forward your mail to the nextMTA after a 25 minutes once the mailserver gets on the whitelist

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