Squid+squidguard not to save the cache and logs of http/https

  • Hello good evening.. Just want to ask how to setup squid+squidguard in pfsense 1.2.2 to not to save the cache,the logs of http/https and anything. I just don want them to be save in the logs because i dont have enough space for it… my squid+squidguard is just blocking file extensions like .exe and .avi and then it blocks websites. This is all my squid+squidguard's actions.. Nothing else but just blocking file extension and sites... I just dont want to log or save the logs,cache and logs of http/https or www or the sites that the users visited... Thanks


  • disable LOG in General page of squid GUI + set small HDD cache size on cache managment page (but this not good idea). In squidGuard uncheck log option for all ACL's adn Dest's item.
    Full disabling HDD use now impossible - you can only minimize this.

  • Good evening dvserg and thanks for the quick reply. What do you mean by "but this is not good idea"? - Well i dont want to save the logs of cache and websites they visited. Or is there a way to just clear it every time i login to the webgui? In Status > System logs , there is no clearing option there for squid or even squidguard… So that i will just manually clear the cache...And also how many cache do i need to set? I put there 20 cache size.. 15 to 20 users are connected there so i assumed its 20 mb cache (i dont know) but it works here with no problem or hanging or what so ever..And lastly what do you mean by "you can only minimize this" - again i dont see any menu there in Status > System logs just to clear everything... How to minimize this? Can you please show me the way? Thanks and good night

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  • Squid HDD cache exists as part of the proxy. The small size of the HDD cache may reduce the effectiveness of the cache. Ability to disable the cache through the GUI does not exist (as opposed to the system logs) .

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