Verizon FIOS - Ditch the actiontec router - pfsense WAP

  • I thought this would be relevant for anyone looking to ditch the vz/actiontec router for a pfsense box without giving up the WAP or having to install a separate WAP.

    In my case, I had my service installed in 12/2007.  The supplied vz/actiontec router/AP is a MI424-WR hardware rev. C.  The device has a mini-pci wireless nic which is labeled MAG802 with no other identification to tell me if it was an ath based chipset.  I plugged it into a spare device running embedded pfsense 1.2.2 and was pleased to find it was plug-and-play and is an ath based chip.  This meant I was able to simply install the card into my board and do the configuration.  It even came with two antenna, although the one installed inside the vz/actiontec router is very short, I did have a spare main antenna laying around that was longer.  It works excellent and while earlier hardware revs. may use a different card, I just though I would post this information to help out anyone else who is thinking about doing this.  If you don't mind tearing apart the vz supplied router you can save $30 or so on a mini-pci 802.11 card.

    I have two others laying around that are older hardware revs and will see if they have the same card and post what I find.  May take me a couple days though.

  • Good to know.  I've got one of those cards sitting at home from when I ripped apart my Actiontec a year ago.

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