Havp 0.6 error install

  • new version havp 0.6 non install:
    freeze "Additional files… havp_trans_exclude.xml 100%"
    this.document.forms[0].output.value = "Downloading package configuration file… done.\nSaving updated package information... done.\nDownloading havp and ???

  • Thats my problem too.  :( Can anyone help us?


    Ok... After hitting reload button for several times, pf finished the installation successfully. Strange... Any ideas?

  • Hi,

    Will check it tomorrow. HAVP is not currently pulled from pfsense package repository, but directly from my development box, whch can be slow. Today HAVP has been checked in to the ports collection and thus can be directly pulled from FreeBSD repositories. I will checkin the package with updated paths.


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