Uptime blank after PPPoE reconnects

  • I have a 2.4.2-RELEASE (amd64) version VM running on VMware 5.5. I have two PPPoe modems connecting to VDSL plugged it their own Ethernet ports on the server. One of the vdsl lines drops periodically usually for very short periods but reconnects on its own. The problem is after it reconnects the status shows as connected but the uptime is blank. It appears that incoming traffic is working as the graph shows only inbound but not outbound. The application shows outbound failing and causes a problem until its fixed.
    When I realise this has happened I disable the interface and reenable it, and it then shows “up time” and works normally. Sometimes it takes several disable enable cycles before it works.
    The two vdsl circuits are from different providers. The settings are the same for both circuits apart from logins. I have changed the PPPoE modem which has made no difference.
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  • Netgate Administrator

    First thing to do here is upgrade to 2.4.3_1. This may have already been addressed.

    If it doesn't then we would need to see logs covering the reconnection that results in no outbound traffic.


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