Followup after RC1: webGUI request for IPSec views.

  • Hello,

    According to the answer given in my last topic "webGUI request for IPSec views." by "hoba"
    It should have been "Done" (and that was posted 28 May) but have now checked the latest RC1
    and it was not included.  what's the story about this ?  ???

    Best regards
    Dan Lundqvist

    Btw. It was not meant as a whining mail, just surprised that it was not included when
    "hoba" made it clear that it was "done" and closed the case. (no offense "hoba" :-)

  • Oops, my fault. I was not reading close enough and was missing the "ipsec logs" in your suggestions. I'll add it soon. Sorry  :-\

  • No problem, it's very easy to add. :-)


    You can check your IPSEC status at [Status:IPSEC](diag_ipsec_sad.php).


    You can check your IPSEC status at [Status:IPSEC](diag_ipsec_sad.php).
    You can check your IPSEC logs at [Status:System Logs:IPSec VPN](diag_logs_ipsec.php).



  • Is this going to be standaard feature in Pfsense 1.0?

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