Not working direct after install, rebooting

  • Hello guys, im totaly new here.

    I was having problem using Smoothwall so my friend told me about PF Sense.

    I installed it on my virtual network in VMware and got it all runing very very good.

    Came home now, took one of my Servers and changed the HDD and installed PF Sense, I boot from the live CD, no problem. Install it, also no problem indicates. After the install it tells me to rebbot. After the reboot you come to the "loader" screen where it says PF Sense , Default F1. When i press F1 (or not, just let the time go) it show some text very quick freeBSD BAM goes black and PC reboots….. And i cant get past that stage. Re installed it 3 times, same shit, i have tried to change different BIOS settings turning off USB and stuff, and running just the live CD without install runs perfectly

    The PC is a AMD Semperon 3000+, OEM motherboard by HP.  768 ram, DVD reader, 20GB PATA disk and 1x Gigabit D-link 528T and 1x Noname Gigabit with realtek chip. This PC was running Smoothwall 25 minutes ago perfect =(

    Thx in advance!

  • Refering to this Topic "PFSENSE booting problem – please help" about the same issue

    This is not a MB with any sata connections, I have turned the BIOS inside out of different IDE settings... none of them work =/

  • What version of pfSense did you install - the full number, not "the latest" or similar.

  • @Cry:

    What version of pfSense did you install - the full number, not "the latest" or similar.

    Hello there, thx for the reply.

    pfSense-1.2.2-LiveCD-Installer.iso is the one i used.

    Just downloaded 1.2.3 iso gonna try it tomorrow.

  • Same problem here. :(

  • @dA_vO:

    Same problem here. :(

    And you can tell that you're using exactly the same hardware and version of pfSense as akus despite him not posting enough to be able to tell - I'm impressed!

    The symptoms may be similar, but the problem isn't likely to be the same.  If you're having problems you'll need to post more than "me too".  Details of the hardware you're using, version of pfSense you're using, what the problem is and where it happens.  I'd also suggest you search the forum and read the wiki.

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