Squid Guard pooped out

  • i just recently upgraded to 1.2 final  yea i know not the latest but it works great on my hardware.

    i have squid running, and light squid running.
    but when i install the guard it will install and give me the options to insert the address to pull the content http://www.shallalist.de/Downloads/shallalist.tar.gz and it will say that its updating the lists but when i go to the default tab no options are readly avaiable to use.

    THis is the kicker when i check the file system via stp it shows all the folders and data in the /var/squidGuard/arcdb/blk_BL_recreation_humor. and so on so fourth.

    obviously it is getting the lists but not poplulating the web gui. any thoughts?

    and before with early options it would add lines of code to the Squid custom options by its self. now it doesnt.

    sorry if this has been asked i searched with no real answer.

    Thank you for looking


    I Started the service and it is all there.......

    Man am i a dumbass today.

  • Aaaa A problem solved ?

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