One to One NAT both Inbound and Outbound

  • I am a newbie to Pfsense, so excuse my ignorance. I was able to figure out 1:1 NAT, that is when someone on the WAN tries to access my SMTP Server at it properly translate to 10.x.x.50 inbound. Now when that same server sends mail outbound from 10.x.x.50 to the WAN, it is translated to my Pfsense IP This sometimes triggers NDR's since many anti-spam systems want to see the forward and reverse source mail server A DNS records identical. How do I create a NAT rule so every SMTP Port 25 transaction from 10.x.x.50 go out to WAN IP When I go to What is my IP Address from 10.x.x.50 it show IP Can I create a "blanket" rule for all Outbound traffic to direct from 10.x.x.50 to Please send back step by step since I am new. Thanks!

    Note: I have done the following:

    1. Created a 1:1 Rule using Firewall: NAT: 1:1: Edit



    Mail-50 Static Mapping

    1. Created a Virtual IP Firewall: Virtual IP Address: Edit

    Proxy ARP


    Single Address

    Mail-50 Proxy

    1. Created WAN to LAN Rules Firewall : Rules : WAN

    Mail flows inbound fine and SOMETIMES works outbound but some filers are blocking me since the header are not properly showing the source. HELP!

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