Loadbalancing uneven WAN connections

  • Hi everyone,

    First of all I'm a newbe to opensource and Pfsense, and after a hard days night have got a dual wan PFsense with loadbalancing and failover working nicely. My problem is that the loadbalancer seems to want to loadshare evenly between a 512kb WAN and a 128kb WAN, which results in a slower allover perfomance.

    Can anyone tell me how to do ratio load balancing in pfsense? Or do i HAVE to have 2 identical WAN connections?

    appreciate all input/suggestions

  • Put the 512K link in 4 times and the 128K link in once and it'll use the 512K link 4 times as much. Hack, but works.

  • Hello cmb. So, you mean to set a load balancing pool with 4 entries in the pool for the 512K link and 1 entry in the pool for the 128K link? Am I correct or I misunderstood your statement?

  • This is correct.

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