Port Mirroring with pfSense?

  • (Apologies if this is discussed somewhere already – I've searched the forums and not found anything)

    I'm wondering if it's possible to do Port Mirroring (or equivalent) with pfSense?  Basically I have a Soekris net4801 that has 3 ethernet ports.  I was wondering if it was possible to configure the 3rd port to have it mirror all the traffic to another machine, where I could run various analysis/monitoring programs (such as ntop, snort etc.) that might be too memory hungry to run well on the Soekris?

    Is this possible at all, or do I really need a managed switch for it?



  • There is a dup-to keyword for pf that would allow this, but you can't configure it in the GUI. It could be done with some manual hacking of filter.inc.

  • Thanks, I'll see if I can get something working with "dup-to".


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