1 wan + (3 lan on same network???)

  • hi,
    i'm using pfsense on a pc with 4 interfaces. one is wan and the other three are lan. i want to  configure  3 lan interfaces in the same network(for example 192.168.1.x, 192.168.1.y,192.168.1.z). how i can do? i viewed that i can bridged them together but what's about the firewall's rules , when i choose to block a service on one interface , i'll block it also in the others two or not? and what'about the gateway's of this three.  ???
    thank's for help.
    i hope to had not post a just answered question. ???

  • Could you elaborate on what your goal is?

    The questions you ask are for a setup which doesnt make much sense.

    Firewallrules are applied on the interface on which traffic comes in.
    Regardless of the subnet attached.
    If you bridge two interfaces together:

    • you have a rule on one to block anything
    • and a rule on the other to allow anything
      –> you can connect to everything from the "allowed" side
      --> but are block to everything from the "disallowed" side.

  • uhm..i think i'm wrong. i applied all rules on all internal interfaces, not on the wan one.
    effectly there 's no sense in what i did.

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