RIVERBED 4 port NIC how to convert it into a regular NIC

  • I recently acquired an old dell R210 that was a RIVERBED 760, it works great for PFSENSE but I could not get the nic to work.

    the riverbed part number is 410-00044-01 but the manufacturer is Silicom and their part number is PE2G4BPI80L.

    I thought it was a driver issue but even installing windows 7 to get drivers the intel 82580 I still couldn't fix it.

    The fix is you need the silicom utility to change it. I contacted them and they gave me access to download the utility.

    I'm not sure on forum rules here but if requested I can post a google drive link to the utility.

    here is the how to:

    turn riverbed nic into normal nic windows 7

    step one use the windows 2003 C:\AMD64 files copy to c drive

    run cmd prompt as administrator

    Cd to C:\AMD64

    BPSDApp.exe enter

    it will give you a list of commands


    BPSDApp.exe install

    it should return error= 0


    BPSDApp.exe start

    it should return

    StartService SUCCESS
    Complete Errorlevel=0

    now in windows explorer browse to


    click on


    I will pull up something that looks like a web gui

    click on get list of bypass compatible nics

    it will change to select target

    select first nic in the list

    under linux style commands select: set standard nic mode of operation

    change the Value field to on

    click run hidden.

    you should hear the relays click loudly

    now click on XXX

    repeat process for the remaining three nics.

    for windows 10 use the windows 2008 version and AMD64.

    I was beating myself up getting this to work and I searched the forums and some said they fixed it but not exactly how.

    I hope this helps.

  • @morningwon damn, this should have been more useful a year ago, when I grabbed a dusty riverbed sitting on a shelf for years to make it a firewall. But then I stuck at the special quadro-NIC (wasnt working as you described), and throw away the whole box. Used a more standard-ish server instead.
    Glad that you shared your positive experience here. At least riverbed was supportive this time. I also had another ancient bluecoat packeteer (1000 or 2000, dont even remember its exact model number, but indeed it was prehistoric equipment with max WAN throughput like 5 or 10 mbit). I mailed the vendor to get the latest firmware for this box, and stated clearly this will be a lab device, not in production and definitely not for any commercial reasons (hey, its capable only for 10mbit, who would buy such crap anyway?). Their short answer was (not literally, but it was the meaning): screw you, you arent the original owner of this said device, we dont give you any software, goodbye! They tracked the serial number, even though I told them clearly that we got the device during a hardware refresh from an earlier customer of us.
    I never understood the reason behind such arrogant and greedy vendor attitude. Clearly these boxes are 10+ yrs old, endoflife, endofsupport, endofeverything, at least 3 generations(!) behind current. Insufficient performance and featureset for any meaningful commercial usage. Still they refuse to give the latest available software as compliment to those who are exploring old tech. Wouldnt cost anything to them saying, here is the last sw version available, have fun with it, but we cannot give you any support, should you stuck anywhere!. And I'd have accepted it. But no, just plain reject.
    But hey, what did you expect from the company, who is selling surveillance equipment to opressing regimes?

  • here is a link to the NIC utility for windows 7

  • @morningwon Can you please share the NIC utility again? That link isn't valid. Thanks!!!!

  • @suplantor Just making assumptions but... Shouldn't the Silicom drivers work? Not sure which model you have, but start with the link below and drill down to your card. Drivers available for multiple OSs including FreeBSD.


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