WAN IPv6 Address Not Acquiring

  • I am having an issue getting my WAN to get an IPv6 address that sticks around. When I'm troubleshooting it I will disable the DHCP6 on the WAN interface then turn it on and occasionally it'll get an IPv6 address then when I try to figure out what I changed to get it to get an IPv6 address i'll disable it then turn it back on and it wont get the address again. If I plug the cable modem direct to my computer it gets an IPv6 address automatically every single time without fail but pfsense doesn't seem to want to keep/acquire an address.

    I've done a ton of googling on the issue for the past few hours but everything I came up with has no proved to be fruitful.

    Any suggestions to get IPv6 to stick around? Is there anything I should check/try to keep this functioning?

  • Is it possible that I kept sending release requests too frequently and once I dismissed the IPv6 address there is a timeout on my ISP side before they will reissue the addresses?

    I'm going to disable IPv6 and do something else and come back later to re-enable it and see if that resolves the issue or not.

  • Ok, so that kind of worked. I was able to re-enable IPv6 and resubmit the LAN interface for tracking and it updated the IPv6 address to an actual IPv6 address. Weird.

  • yeah, seems to be a bug in the way the DHCPv6 client config file is generated

    not sure if it's been confirmed or not

  • Ok so I rebooted after installing pfblockerng and now I can’t get my ipv6 address back again 🤦🏼♂

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