Multi Wan setup and Notifications not working on failover

  • Goal: To be notified when wan failover occurs.

    Notifications is setup and test works. WAN Failover tested and works.
    Version 2.4.3_1

    Problem: When WAN1 is pulled, no notification and notification test does not work. If WAN1 is brought back up, I do get a notification WAN1 is back online and notification test is working again. If I restart router with WAN1 down then notifications test works using WAN2.
    error: notify_monitor.php: Could not send the message to -- Error: Failed to connect to ssl://***.com:465 [SMTP: Failed to connect socket: Network is unreachable (code: -1, response: )]


  • I figured it out. On the System/Routing/Gateways make sure "Default gateway" is set to Automatic.

  • Oh, and this option is only available in the dev 2.4.4...