• Scenario:

    I have two pfsense routers, lets call them OfficepfSense at and AzurepfSense at

    AzurepfSense router is set up as OpenVPN server and OfficepfSense is set as the client. I have the tunnel setup as I can confirm connectivity between the two routers. I see static routes in both routing tables and I can ping other end routers and confirmed traffic across the tunnel.

    From the AzurepfSense subnet (on other devices on that network) I can reach across the VPN to end devices connected to the OfficepfSense router. When I try to connect to Azure resources from the Office network across the vpn network it fails. I try traceroutes and it bypasses the vpn tunnel altogether and pushes traffic out my comcast gateway.

    I am at a loss why it works in one direction, coming from azure, but not from my office network. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Do you have policy routing (gateways set on rules) enabled on your local network?