Traffic Shaper makes things worse!

  • Okay, I downloaded and installed pfSense last night and so far I like it a lot!  However, I must not be using the traffic shaper correctly.

    Heres the problem.  My roommate uses bittorrent 24/7 and it kills all of our bandwidth, even surfing the net is slow.  I ran the traffic shaper wizard and did the p2pcatchall option to lower its priority and everything else a higher priority.  I did a bandwidth speed test to find out that our bandwidth is still killed (from 6000Mb/s to less than 1000Mb/s).  Now when I disabled the traffic shaper the bandwidth speed tests consistently showed up slightly higher than with it on!

    Now, is there a way to limit bittorrent's bandwidth to like 20% max?

    Any help is appreciated!

    Edit: I should add that I am using Beta4… and I see that RC1 was JUST released... DOH!!  ;D

  • Upgrade to RC1.  Follow the tips in the traffic shaper thread.  Search the forum for p2pCatchAll.

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