DHCP option 160 not working

  • Hi,

    i have test this on pfsense 2.4.3 p1

    i try to had option 160 to DHCP configuration : option 160 type string ""
    But the dhcp don't present this option on OFFER packet.

    Bug ? or i miss something ?

    Thanks by advance.

  • Ok i understand why.

    dnsmasq dont push this if the client don't ask for.
    we need to add this options with -force parameters

    i create a request -> https://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/8879

  • Not really sure I understand your logic.

    Why force the option to clients that don't request it ?

    Are you sure your clients aren't asking for it in a renew request, what happens with a client that has been off the network for longer than the lease time ?

    What version of pfsense are you using 2.4.3 uses ISC dhcp services.

  • That i sure Pfense dont send option 160 when i add them on configuration.
    on dnsmasq we need to add the -force parameters, on dhcpd i dont know.

    So it's a bug ?

    Yes im sure pfsense dont send the 160 options (verify with wireshark).

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