Cannot resolve locally hosted tld's when connected to Openvpn

  • Hello all, newish pfsense user here.

    Openvpn clients sometimes cannot resolve full tld's which are hosted locally. = dmz and = vpn & lan = tunnel/user network

    When we connect to the VPN, we get access to, and

    Also, when connected, we can ping/navigate to domains on the web...but we cannot resolve domains that are hosted locally. For example, our smtp server ( is hosted locally but is not resolveable with (...say) (which is properly natted). When I am connected to the vpn, Thunderbird cannot resolve ''. I need to disconnect in order for that to happen. Oddly though, I can ping '' fine when connected.

    In the VPN config, I have listed 4 DNS servers:

    1. Pfsense
    2. My ISP's DNS server

    This part seems to work because, when I am connected, I can see the 4 DNS servers 'pushed' to me with the 'nmcli' command.

    Lastly, a 'dig' command (when connected) on any of the above DNS servers resolves '' to the proper IP.

    I am not sure how to debug this any further rn...any ideas?


  • Enabling NAT Reflection fixed my issue.

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