DHCP server config with *Ignore denied clients* still requires range

  • When configuring DHCP server, it seems odd that it's required to specify a range/pool when Ignore denied clients is checked. With this option checked, the server should only respond with DHCPOFFER to clients with static mappings, correct? Static mappings cannot overlap with pool ranges.
    Is this a quirk of ISC DHCP, pfSense ui, or something else?

    Thank you!

  • OK, so I see it's possible to create a static "mapping" without specifying an IP address. I understand where unassigned pools/ranges are useful in this scenario, with Ignore denied clients checked. But it still seems like configuring a pool/range should be optional.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That would require much more complicated logic because then we'd have to check/test for different things in the static mappings. For example, if there is no range or pools then it would have to require all mappings to include an IP address, or it would have to prevent from switching to that mode if there were mappings that didn't conform. It could be done, sure, but that is a lot of jumping through logical hoops to cater to one specific and rarely used scenario.

    Defining a range of an IP address or two isn't going to cause a problem to work around it.