SG-2440 backup and restore to SG-5100

  • I'm planning to purchase a SG-5100 to replace a SG-2440. Can I backup the configuration of the 2440 and restore it directly to the 5100?

  • Galactic Empire


    Yes, it should be painless. You may need to re-assign interfaces but that's easily done within pfSense.

    You can compare the interfaces with our documentation. SG-2440 vs SG-5100.
    Let us know if you encounter any issues!

  • @roncbk I am wondering what you might be doing with the SG-2440 after the replacement. I am trying to find some used pfsense hardware for a few video production rigs, and the 2220's and the 2240's are great boxes for that. Don't need to pay full price, so used is very doable.

  • I actually have two 2440s and we decided to just configure the second with the IP of our backup ISP and use it for failover. I was going to replace with the 5100 because it has two WAN ports, but my boss decided to go the cheaper route.

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