1:1 NAT and outbound NAT's on same box

  • Hello,

    I'll try to condense this as much as possible, but can expand on details if needed.  I am running pfSense 1.2.2 on a box that has 3 NICs.  LAN is connected to a private network.  This private network consists of roughly 12 class C private IP ranges.

    WAN is connected to our ISP via a router using IP addresses given to us by that ISP (a /25).  OPT1 is also considered a WAN connection, and is connected to that same router but uses a different subnet/gateway (a /20).

    My intention of all this is to 1:1 NAT several /24's from the /20 directly to the 192.168.x.x networks, and have the NAT (and other similar networks not shown) through a single IPs from the /25 using Outbound NAT.

    This is a simple drawing of the way it's plugged in now:
         |                      |                     |
                               |      |
        WAN_____|      |OPT1
        |                                                |
    X.X.X.0/25                           X.X.240.0/20
        |                                                |
                 ISP ROUTER

    If I set NATs on the OPT1 interface using firewall rules (changing the gateway) and using outbound NAT, I can get the network to NAT through 1 of the x.x.240.0 addresses, but I can't get the NAT 1:1 of one /24 to another to work.  Is it possible to use NAT 1:1 and outbound NAT at the same time for different subnets, or is it all or nothing?

    I should also mention that I have created the Virtual IPs for each of the ranges I am trying to nat (/24's).
    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • do you realy needs opt1 connected to the same ISP?
    may be you find some when 'Virtual IP' used instead of additional NIC.

    IMHO The better way…

  • Thanks for the reply.

    I believe that I need both interfaces, as the gateway for each IP range is different.  I'm unsure of how a virtual IP would work when I need those IP's routed to a different subnet, even if it's on the same interface.

    I got the 1:1 NAT's working last night by playing with the firewall rules a little more.  I now have a setup where I have some 1:1 NATs and also have Advanced Outbound NAT set up.

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