rack-mount version of SG-5100 please :-)

  • I have a 7100 and it's great, but I much prefer the traditional interfaces on the 5100 and the passive cooling is a much better situation for our dusty environments.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The passive cooling is precisely why it won't be offered in a rack mount solution. Most racks would cause it to overheat. A rack mount version would require radically different cooling design.

    If your rack stays cool enough you could place it on a shelf in a rack, but keep a close eye on its temperature.

  • Could I add traditional interfaces to my 7100 after purchase? I don't see the option for additional interfaces anymore when ordering the 7100.

  • Can I ask- how hot do these 5100's really get? Mine's going in a closet that sometimes has its door closed. Reading this makes me a little worried. Have a 4860 in there now that gets pretty warm but not HOT and it's been fine.