sg-2440 running pfSense unresponsive w/red status led

    • System hung today and became unresponsive. No internet and no gui
    • Was able to ssh into box but the ssh session was terminated while I was troubleshooting.
    • After power cycle the system would not boot. Status light goes red for a few minutes then the system just powers down.
    • Tried to reinstall from usb image but would not boot to installer on USB, led just stayed red then powered down. No console output either, just a blank screen.

    I can see a few posts here describing the same symptoms but no good explanation of what might be going on. I bought the unit in January of 2017 and I remember that I had 2 support tickets I could open that were included in the purchase price which I have never used. If I log into I don't see a way to use one of the support tickets and I try I can't login at all.

    What does a solid red light indicate and how can I use one of my support tickets if I need to go that route?

  • Rebel Alliance Netgate Administrator


    You might need to create an account for, please submit a ticket we will look into this issue for you.

  • Just created ticket - #INC-11794