Problem with setting up XG-7100

  • I'm having some issues setting up XG-7100 with two ubiquity switches. Let me describe the setup

    cable modem --- XG-7100 --- [Opt2/ix1]--- ubiquity unifi 16 XG (via 10Gtek DAC cable) port 2
    cable modem --- XG-7100 --- [LAN]--- ubiquity unifi 48 switch (via cat6 cable) - Unifi Cloud Key connected to this switch.

    on ix1 I setup a VLAN called "management" with tag 100. On the assignment it's got static IPv4 configured to dish out IPs at and DHCP server configured. I am getting lights lit up on both ends. Yet I can't seem to get a computer assigned 192.168.100.x address at all from the ubiquity XG switch when I configured the port's switch port profile from Unifi Controller to "management". The Unifi 16 XG switch isn't taking a 192.168.100.x address either (it falls back to 192.168.1.x address after failing to get DHCP address)

    So I hooked up the DAC cable to the SPF+ port on the Unifi 48 switch, made that port and another Gigabit port part of the "management" VLAN and I'm still not getting my 100.x address on the gigabit port.

    I'm not sure what's causing the issue. On my other setup with SG-8860 I didn't have this issue but then the first switch that SG-8860 goes to are old school switches like Cisco and D-link and I was able to easily configure the VLAN to work with the PFsense. All the other downstream switches are Unifi based and work without issues.

    Do you guys think it's my pfsense configuration issue, hardware issue on the SFP+ ports/cables running between XG-7100 and Unifi switches, or the hardware themselves? I also saw the following on netgate's product page:

    "There is an Intel-supplied driver issue, which is noted in the Intel Release Notes for the C3000, preventing 1Gbps and 10Gbps copper modules from being recognized on the SFP+ ports. Copper modules are not supported.

    LAGG is not currently supported on the ethernet switchports.
    This will be addressed in a future pfSense release."

    Does this have anything to do with it? Would it work if I change the connection to fibre based? Please share your thoughts!

  • I further troubleshoot the issue and found that there's no issues with 10GTek DAC cable going from XG-7100 to another non-Unifi switch. Ubiquiti's VLAN configuration on their Unifi line of switches leaves a lot to be desired. I'm glad it's not the issue with XG-7100.

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    Thank you for the follow-up!

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