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    We have recently purchased a Netgate Super Micro XG-1537 however I can't find the PPTP entry under the VPN menu entry nor any PPTP package to install. Has support for PPTP had been entirely removed from pfSense?

    Thank you in advance.


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    https://www.netgate.com/docs/pfsense/vpn/pptp-troubleshooting.html there is no reason to provide support for broken stuff.

  • Then there is a good reason to provide support for OpenVPN with all settings done properly, all outbound NAT rules in place, different IPv4 class for VPN clients and no local network connectivity nor internet over VPN gateway. I have banged my head for two days now with the bloody OpenVPN in pfSense (I am a 6 years pfSense user hence the decision to invest in one of the Netgate hardware and have never had any issues prior to Cisco purchasing it). Excuse the beef but when one purchases something which used to work on any bloody VPS machine, free of charge, only to discover that when a proper hardware, sold by the same company, doesn't work and has to spend two days with no avail ...

  • @dranick said in pfSense 2.4.3 PPTP missing:

    hence the decision to invest in one of the Netgate hardware and have never had any issues prior to Cisco purchasing it

    When did that happen? According to the Netgate website, it's privately held.

  • I guess he wanted to say that he was using Cisco devices before, and had less troubles making VPN work ....
    Or : something terrible happened just now ...

  • Can't find the proper info now but I will come back with it; as a promise. I remember a few years back, when pfSense was acquired by Netgate that most of the features and functionality in their upgrade readme were directly and openly pointing to "open source part of Cisco". Will have to dig into my old e-mails but for the sake of the situation where out of the box expectancy is not met, considering spending close to 2000€ on a box that "should" have "at least" the same performance as the freely offered software, with no included support, other than the free channel we are using here (I've adhere to it so no complaints), though the marketing is heavy (see EU laws about customer misleading) toward keeping the same expectancy. pfSense had changed a lot during the past two years; I just expect some damn open source solution that used to work out of the box, such as OpenVPN with auto-rules for firewall to work the same way they used to before the heavy commercial Netgate presence was felt. Is it to much to ask?

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    @dranick You are probably referring to Cisco open-sourcing Vector Packet Processing (VPP) which is a fundamental part of a Netgate product called TNSR which is a completely different code base from pfSense.

    OpenVPN works. Maybe you should concentrate on asking some questions there, watching the OpenVPN hangouts, reading the pfSense book's OpenVPN section, etc.

    There is no functional difference in OpenVPN on Community Edition on a VM and factory on an XG-1537.