IPsec endpoint on secondary WAN

  • I'm trying to set up an IPsec tunnel between 2 PFS boxes.  One of them is dual wan, the other is not.  I can establish the tunnel when I go from WAN to WAN, but if I go from WAN to WAN2, I cannot get the tunnel up.  Checking the IPsec logs, I see a lot of phase 1 negotiations timed out.  I have set up a firewall rule on the WAN2 IF to allow ESP traffic through, and have created a catchall on the IPsec IF to allow traffic anywhere.

    Do I need to toss in a static route somewhere?



  • Ok….well since this doesn't seem to be a hot topic how about his one...how do I make my secondary WAN accept incoming PPTP connections?


  • I am having the same problem.  :-[

    Did you ever find a solution?

  • Nope, I gave up and am just running it over my primary WAN  :(


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