Remote VPN client configuration guidance please

  • I need some guidance please. I've read/search for days and am stuck.

    I have a Windows 2016 VPN (RRAS) server that is being used successfully by users for their PCs. We now need to allow SIP phones to remotely connect via VPN to the internal network (the phones do not have this functionality built-in). We are trying to use a SG-1000 pfSense device to assist with this.

    At the remote user's location, they [probably] have a firewall/router/NAT device as most homes do. I plan to connect the WAN port of the pfSense device to their internal network, then plug the phone into the LAN port.

    What I want is the pfSense device to constantly maintain a VPN connection to the office and relocate its assigned IP address to the phone. I need the phone to obtain an IP address from the office subnet.

    I'm at a loss on how to accomplish this. I'm open to other approaches, such as using DHCP relay to get an additional IP address for the phone, or setting up an OpenVPN server, or whatever will work.

    Any assistance, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • I am disappointed in this forum because not one suggestion was offered. Usually, community support for stuff like this is pretty good.

    Regardless, I figured it out myself. This thread can be considered closed.

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