PFsense box not starting

  • I built a PFSense box with PFsense 2.4.3 which was running perfectly OK. Yesterday the box needed to be moved and since then it is not booting - the bios don't even run. This is the seconf box doing the same thing. Any ideas?

  • No power?

  • pfSense, or actually whatever OS you put on your device, can't stop the BIOS from booting.
    The BIOS will even work with no disks or drives in your system.
    The BIOS not running means hardware issues or .... true : no power.

  • I think you need to run a couple commands, either in the GUI under Diagnostics > Command Prompt, or by SSH or Console connection and use option 8 I believe for shell access.

    mv /var/squid/cache /var/squid/cache.old
    squid -z
    rm -rf /var/squid/cache.old

    This should rename the old cache content file. The re-initialize the swap directory, then remove the old cache. I would wait to run the 3rd command until you get it started properly.

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