• Hello,
    i want install pfsense on following dedicated server for using its IPS(Snort)
    32GB DDR4 2400Mhz
    2x ssd 240gb intel dcs 3510
    HP P222 Smart Array 6G SAS/ 3G SATA
    1 x Intel TenGigabit X520-DA2 Server (Intel 82599 ES chipset) Adapter, 2 x SFP+ ports

    then i want put this server in front (before) my mikrotik and i want using its 10GB uplinks so how much active connections or throughput can i have on this server?
    i see its close to XG-1537,

    so can any one guide me about throughput of this server when i using only the IPS feature?

    and how many firewall rules can i have on this server without reducing performance?