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  • Noobie here… I've just come over from M0n0wall where I was looking around at the features and definitely want to try something along this line.  However, the more I studied it, the more I think I want to go with pfSense.

    Here's my wishlist:
    Embedded PC with gigabit interfaces (Soekris seems to only offer 10/100)
    Wireless AP
    Prefer 3 but could settle for just two interfaces.

    I'm also curious, and someone please enlgihten me.  M0n0wall only recognizes up to an 8 mb partition on the CF card and thus doesn't have much room for logging purposes, but pfSense will recognize a 2gb CF card and offer me more logging space?  Is 2gb CF card adequate for say monthly rotation of log files (presuming they could be downloaded and stored in archives?)

    Also, what methods do you use for backing up configurations?  Can it be downloaded via the WebGUI?  If I should want to go back to a previous configuration (i.e., I got overly zealous with changes and realized what I did 50-steps ago was better, would I be able to restore that config point?)

    Anyway, back to my primary post purpose, what's everyone's recommended hardware based on my wishlist above?  I want to do it right and not spend money over and over buying the hardware until I finally get it right.

    Many thanks in advance,

  • Looks like the linitx dvice fits your hardware needs: http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=577.0

    If you run from cf-card the partition size will always be 64 mb, even with a 2gb card. Logs are stored on these platforms on a ramdisk. Constant writes to a cf-media kill the card pretty soon (this is a faq btw). The cf-card is mounted readonly and only gets mounted to write changes if needed. However, if you really have need for local logging you even can run this device with a 2.5" hdd and get all the fun like packages, extended logging, brighter colors, faster, more…  ;D

  • That's great…  Doesn't have exactly what I wanted but looks to be about the best there is and I really appreciate the referral.  Wish all the interfaces were gigabit but can't have everything I guess.  (Shrugs)

    Can you clarify something for me here?  The device accepts both Compact Flash and Hard Drive.  Does pfSense system run on the CF and then stores configs and logdata on the HDD, or does pfSense see the HDD and store everything there 100%?  Does it give you the choice?  I think I'd rather have the system on the CF and all other data on the HDD.

    Also, what's the suggested size of the HDD for logging purposes?  Can it really grow alot or not?


  • I case you want to use the hdd in this device you sould have a full install running at the hdd without a cf-card. The cf-card version won't utilize a hdd or any other media without preforming unsupported hacks.

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