Pfsense server Suddenly stop Responding from PC over wifi or LAN

  • HI i am facing a problem with my pf sense server that i install a week ago. and i am new to pfsense. so what happened? suddenly all computers on WIFI and on LAN are not able to ping server ip (, or any other websites.

    in General Setup i have dns servers of OPENDNS and dynamic DNS is also running opendns, IN dns resolver DNSSEC and DNS Query Forwarding is checked. Port forwarding is Disabled.
    by these settings i force opendns on my network to block youtube because it was not looking possible to block youtube domains by making alias and then put a rule. it was possible by putting ip addresses but google and youtube are using some same ips. I Need google.
    but to block fb i make an ALias of more then 100 ips and make a rule with ipv4 and ipv6, protocol: any, Source was alias, and destination was also alias.

    This facebook block was my last configuration on pfsense.
    after applying this rule i was able to use internet services and pfsense page ..
    but approx 10 to 15 minutes later ... every PC on my network was not able to access internet nor by wifi neither via LAN.

    but surprise. All mobile phones can access pfsense page and internet..
    so what i did? i remove OPENDNS from everywhere, disabled dns resolver and forwarder. Deleted all rules i created.. save and apply changes ... rebooted pfsense server.
    but issue is still there. cannot access internet by computers. ping Timeout//..

    Security Certificate of PFSENSE is not installed.

    server: core 2 duo, 5gb ram, 500gb hardrive
    switch: linksys gigabyte lgs116
    wifi device: unifi UAP AC Pro

  • Netgate Administrator

    Are clients able to pull a DHCP lease from pfSense on the LAN or Wifi?

    Do they appear in the pfSense DHCP status page?

    If you are unable to ping the pfSense LAN interface by IP then you have a fundamental issue. Try running a packet capture on LAN to see of those pings are even arriving.

    The description of the issue here could easily be a rogue DHCP server on your network.