Scheduled redirecting

  • Hi there,
    Is it possible have a schedule, and redirect traffic through a particular WAN nic during the day, and at night through another interface.  Or, is it possible to just change the gateway ip address with a schedule in PFSense on a particular interface?

  • I have never done this but it should be possible.  Create the schedules you want, then on the LAN interface create a firewall rule directing traffic out the gateway you want and apply the schedule you want, then below that, create another rule sending traffic out the alternate gateway for the non-scheduled times.

  • Thank you  :)

  • Schedule rules aren't compatible with multi-WAN because they use ipfw, you can't select a gateway when using rules with a schedule. In 1.2.1 and newer it doesn't let you do that, in 1.2 it lets you configure it, but won't obey your gateway configuration.

  • Hi, is there any other way to do it ? CMD line ?

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