Which WiFi usb key do you recomend?

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    which usb wifi key do you recomend or do you use? is ti ok?

  • @simby:


    which usb wifi key do you recomend or do you use? is ti ok?

    Do you want it to run as an access point? If so, I think you might be limited to devices supported by the ural driver or the rum driver. I haven't been able to source any devices supported by the ural driver, you might have better fortune.

    A good place to start with this is the FreeBSD supported hardware. list found at http://www.freebsd.org/releases/7.1R/hardware.html. You should then check the capabilities of the driver by reading its man page through http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi

    For example, you look through the supported hardware list and see zyd driver supports some wireless devices so you then look up the zyd man page to see if it supports operation as an access point (if you care).

    I appreciate there may be good reasons you asked about USB rather than PCI, but if you can configure your system so you have a PCI slot for a wireless card I would take that option. Its possible to get a PCI card with the well regarded and well supported Atheros chipset for somewhat less than regular retail price of USB wireless devices that are supported in FreeBSD.

    Note FreeBSD (and hence pfSense) doesn't yet support any "wireless N" devices.

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