PC-engines APU2 - is there a successor (planned)?

  • Hi,

    my current ALIX is closing in on ten years of service.
    I'm thinking of replacing it with an APU2.
    But if something better arrived in a couple of months, I guess I could wait it out.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    What are you CPU/throughput needs? Any specific hardware requirements?

    We have a new model coming in the next month or so that would probably be a good fit.

    The MBT-2220/4220 would be good if you need something sooner than that. They're great little boxes. Only two interfaces, though. New model coming has three.

  • Currently, I certainly don't need much more than the 2008 ALIX I have.
    Because 20/2 VDSL.

    But hopefully, it will last for another decade or more and FFTH might actually arrive here by then (or I move).

    I think I'm mostly limited by the lack of RAM today, so I'd like to get something with 4 GB.

    Unfortunately, Netgate products are much, much more expensive here (.ch) than PC-Engines - but I haven't fully made up my mind, yet.
    Only one local Netgate partner shows the hardware on their homepage/shop - and the Minnow-Boards are not there, so I don't even know what they cost.

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